Latest realization

We invite you to watch a short movie about our latest lighting system realization  in the Conference and Exhibition Centre in Jasionka.

In our opinion this is one of the most beautiful buildings in Poland.

About us

Do you know that Lumo Tubo is 100% polish product which was created and is produced in Lublin? Get to know more about the lighting system Lumo Tubo and discover how wide are the possibilities of its application.

Technical Specyfications

We have prepared for you the necessary information about the technical parameters of Lumo Tubo. You will find among other things, information about the minimum angles bonds, colour gamut or diameters and dimensions of our tubes.


Check how wide use has Lumo Tubo and in which realizations the designers have used the possibilities of our product.

In the portfolio you can find also the “Bank of Ideas” – space where we present prototypes and visualizations.